Meal Ideas: Bean Burgers

Bean Burgers by Jessy Farrell

Bean burgers are the bee’s knees. I’ve been making these since before I became gluten-free ’cause I just got sick ‘n tired of shelling out a bunch of cash for veggie burgers that weren’t making me most happyfaced. What I love the most about bean burgers is that you can make them out of any bean that makes your heart squee the most, you can switch up your grains, get as fancy as you like with the spices and other additions, and pretty much any veggie(s) will seal the deal. Once you get the hang out making your own the sky’s the limit, my friends!

Here’s how I like to ‘splain it: Beans + Grains + Veggies = a bean burger.

Here’s the deal: you can add on from the there, but that’s your basic forumula. “How much of each?”, you ask – well, that ratio really depends on you and what kind of texture & tastes you prefer. For me, I dig about 3 cups of beans:2 cups of grains:2(ish) cups of cooked veggies. You can toss in xgfx breadcrumbs, your veggies can be pureed to achieve a smoother texture, or add a flax “egg” if you’re worried about binding. Go crazy and toss in leftover smashed potatoes (white or sweet), a scoop of last night’s casserole, a handful of gluten-free oats, a dollop or pesto, tahini, peanut butter, hot sauce…You see – as long as you’ve got the basic formula down you can go crazy with the additions. It’s super simple and super awesome!

Gather your ingredients: 2 veggies, a grain, and your favorite bean. We love butter beans the most so this time it was butter bean burgers. A little lemon (or lime, rice vinegar, etc.) for "acid", crushed pepper for heat, a slice o' xgfx bread for crumbs - and garlic, because it's the best.

Chop! Chop! little onion!

Make some crumbs.

Saute the veggies,

smash the beans,

and put it all together.

Mix it up & add some awesome (we added smoked paprika, sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, a little minced jalapeno, and a dollop of tahini).

Patty-cake, patty-cake.

Roll 'em in a little cornmeal...

...and saute the patties until golden brown.

Time to enjoy!

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