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We decided to put together this site as a resource for our vegan friends that need (or just want) to remove gluten from their diet, and to welcome gluten-free folks who want to try out some vegan eats. While there are plenty of great resources out there for vegans, and many for the gluten-free crowd, there seem to be very few for folks like us who dwell in both camps.

xgfx is the way we designate food and other items that are both vegan and gluten free. We like using xgfx because typing out “vegan and gluten-free” over and over can be tiresome. This website is intended to be a comprehensive resource for everyone and anyone who is interested in xgfx living or eatin’. On this site you will find lots of excellent information, ideas and support in the form of blog posts, how-to guides, publication and product reviews, and of course lotsa recipes!

What you won’t find here are recipes, links or information that recommend or advocate using animal products or gluten. Since we’re vegan, we’ve found ways of making xgfx cookies and cakes without the need for five million egg whites, even xgfx ones!

  • Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food! By Kittee Berns

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