Baking Tips

Once you get your xgfx pantry all stocked up you’ll be cooking up all kinds of xgfx awesomeness to enjoy. We’re here to share some baking tips for using all those goodies from your xgfx pantry.

  • Binders

    If xantham gum, guar gum, or psyllium husk powders make your belly upset you can usually substitute with ground flax seeds or ground chia seeds. Simply substitute the same amount of ground flax or ground chia seeds as the gum or psyllium husk called for in the recipe and add twice the amount of super warm water, giving it all a good stir until it’s thick, goopy, and kinda “eggy”. That’s it and should do the trick. So far it’s been working great!

  • Mix It Up

    You can’t over mix gluten-free flours, which means you can stir and stir and stir until your arm falls off or knead and knead and knead until your hands are mush. Go ahead – try it!

  • Crumble Prevention

    Sometimes you might find that cupcakes and other delicate-ish baked goods come out a little crumbly. Gluten-free flours tend to lose their moisture quickly, so there are times when adding in a smidge more oil than called for or some pureed carrots and/or zucchini into a cake recipe will yield a super moist result.

  • Combining For Success

    Gluten-free baking is all about combining the right flours and you want to make sure your flours are well combined before you start adding in more ingredients. Whisks are great for combining the flours to get them to become the best of friends.

  • Un-sticking It

    Sometimes xgfx dough can be pretty darn sticky. If this is the case you should flour your counter and rolling pin (if using one). Using waxed paper or parchment paper to roll out dough works great as well – simply place the dough between two pieces of parchment or wax paper and get your roll’n on. A silpat or well-oiled hands work great for spreading gluten-free doughs, too. Super wet gluten-free dough can be piped out using a plastic baggie with a hole cut in one corner – you know, for breadsticks and such.

  • Getting Crispy

    Pizza stones and cast iron skillets work wonders for creating a crisp xgfx pizza dough, if that’s what you love the most. Pop your stone or skillet in the oven while it’s pre-heating for best results.

  • Keeping It Awesome

    Keep gluten-free flours in the freezer for a longer shelf life, but make sure to bring the measured flours you’ll need for a recipe to room temperature beforehand. You’ll find your flours stay fresher for longer.

  • Spreadage Prevention

    Place xgfx cookie dough in the freezer for 30 minutes or refrigerate it for an hour or so before using if you’re worried about it spreading.

  • Putting On Your Patience Pants

    Baked goodies, especially xgfx ones, can be super finicky so don’t be tempted to open oven doors on food with longer baking times; the sudden change in temperature can make or break a cake. You’re gonna want to resist the urge to poke until about 10 mins ’til done, too. Trust us on this one, you’ll save yourself some tears.

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