Desserts without Compromise

eBook Reviewed: Desserts without Compromise
Ricki Heller
Diet, Dessert ‘n Dogs

Desserts without Compromise is one of three E-Books written by Rikki Heller and all of the recipes are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and refined sugar-free.

The book contains 33 recipes, including 14 new recipes not featured on Ricki’s blog. The chapters include candy-like confections, cookies and bars, creamy desserts and special occasions.

Almost all of the recipes are accompanied by a colour photo which is always a plus in my opinion, seeing a photo of the finished product entices me to make that recipe, and in this case I wanted to make so many of them.

The ingredients range from kitchen staples like cocoa powder, nuts, canned beans and gluten-free flour to harder-to-find ingredients like yacon syrup, lucuma and stevia. In most recipes agave syrup can be used instead of yacon and lucuma is often optional.

Almond Cinnamon Fudge

I made the almond-cinnamon fudge; it’s a no bake recipe and it sounded so quick and easy and it’s something I haven’t eaten in years. The only changes I made were to use agave in place of yacon and I left out the lucuma as both are products I’d have to order online.

The recipe was simple and easy to follow and by using a food processor it was done in a few minutes. The mixture came together well and I left it to firm up in the fridge overnight. The result is really fudge-like but without that sugary, grainy texture that regular fudge has. I liked the texture the chopped almonds gave to the fudge and the flavour was perfect.

Now my only problem is what recipe to make next, I have my eye on the grain free brownies!


  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Gluten free, soy free, sugar free recipe
  • Colour Photos


  • Some harder-to-find ingredients

Ricki’s book is great for gluten-free vegans and for anyone wanting to lower their sugar intake or following an anti-candida diet. You can order Desserts without Compromise from her website.

Reviewed by Mandee Salles

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