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Teff Cookie Hoarding!

Today’s guest post is brought to you by the letter C and Monika! To learn more about today’s guest blogger, please check out her blogs Chew on This! and Windy City Vegan. ***** Happy Vegan Month of Food, everybody! Can you believe it’s day 4 already? I have yet to get a MoFo post up on my own [...]

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XGFX MoFo a Go-Go!


Technology is cool ‘n’ all, but if it was really so awesome someone would’ve figured out a way for me to dog-ear my RSS reader for this year’s VeganMoFo, which happens to kick off today. Today! Generally I don’t even use feed readers, but during The Vegan Month of Food (VeganMoFo) it becomes a real necessity. [...]

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Teeny Tiny Pumpkin Muffins and a call for Vegan MoFo help!

pumpki muffins

You guys! It’s almost Autumn! That means the onslaught of pumpkin overload is about to hit the blogosphere. The idea of non-stop pumpkinage for the next couple of months really pleases this girl. Oh yes it does. You wanna know another thing that pleases this girl? Muffins. Anyone who knows me knows that I am [...]

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  • Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food! By Kittee Berns

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