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Tuesday Linkage

Tulip is looking for her forever home!

We’re here to bring you links of awesomeness on Tuesdays so you can oooh and ahhh over all things gloriously fun ‘n tasty out there in the world of the interweb. ♥ This happy pup is Tulip and she’s such a sweetie pea. Richmond Animal League rescued her and she’s waiting ever-so patiently for the [...]

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A Good Morning, Indeed!

rickis_frittata-of-awesome v2

Hiya & hello – and happy Wednesday! Today we’re bringing you all a shiny new review. We know it can sometimes be a little tough be’n xgfx and we’re here to suss out lots of products and publications that you all might enjoy and find to be quite awesome. Today’s review is Ricki Heller’s new [...]

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Better ‘Better than Cream Cheese’?

I happen to be one of those lucky people who are extremely sensitive to gluten. My belly acts as a visible indicator, poking out almost within minutes of being exposed to even the teensiest amounts of gluten; and well, let’s just say the next few days aren’t exactly paradise for anyone in my household.

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Because the World Needs Another Hummus Recipe, That’s Why.

Plain ol' hummus.

Let us not forget our dear friend, hummus.  I became reacquainted recently and have been whipping some up everyday for lunch.  I am grateful for its natural xgfx state.  Nothing needs to be added or removed.  Hummus was brought into this world to lead the xgfx revolution, and I’m following with my cute anthropomorphic chickpea [...]

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The First Time I Ever Tried Xantham Gum…

I was pondering Vegan MoFo subject matter in a public arena last night, when I was reminded of an important post I had begun a few weeks ago. I began writing it in a hot fit of hate and rage, and then when my boiling blood cooled a little, I was distracted by zombie cupcakes [...]

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Visual Lasagna.

Just like lasagna, this video is layered in The Awesome. First off–so cute!  Second off–good lip syncing.  Even I can recognize good karaoke when I see it.  And what?  Yes!  Vegan and gluten-free karaoke.  As if.  And, last–check out those noodles.  So smart to use rice paper wraps to make them the sophisticated manicotti bundles [...]

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  • Papa Tofu Loves Ethiopian Food! By Kittee Berns

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