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Recreating Family Favorites – Tunaless Casserole


Happy Monday, everyone! I know it’s warming up outside for many of you, so casserole season might not be in its prime, but I wanted to share one of my favorite dishes with you all – tunaless casserole. From what I remember, my mother planned our weekly menu, did the grocery shopping, and cooked up [...]

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The Bestest Butter of All: Chocolate Hazelnut

hazelnut butter

I love butters of all sorts: peanut butter, almond butter, cocoa butter, cashew butter, sesame butter (okay tahini), coconut butter, apple butter, vegan butter (aka margarine), even shea butter. But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to how strongly I feel about chocolate hazelnut butter. To me, all other butters of any kind pale in [...]

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Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Pasta

trader joes pasta

  Call me a square, but I just discovered that Trader Joe’s sells gluten free pasta. Relatively cheap gluten free pasta. Yep, it’s right next to their other pastas. And you know what? It’s good! This whole time I’ve been gluten free, I’ve been wondering why there isn’t a decent xgfx pasta that won’t empty [...]

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Visual Lasagna.

Just like lasagna, this video is layered in The Awesome. First off–so cute!  Second off–good lip syncing.  Even I can recognize good karaoke when I see it.  And what?  Yes!  Vegan and gluten-free karaoke.  As if.  And, last–check out those noodles.  So smart to use rice paper wraps to make them the sophisticated manicotti bundles [...]

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